Hello Future Me

5 years – 2017

Hey me, not sure where you’re at.  It could be Chicago, it could still be in Minneapolis or Saint Paul.  Hopefully things are going well, and I’m expecting you to be making a nice six figures by now.  Unless you happen to be running your own business, then I’ll accept a large five.  Maybe you need a little reminder where you are at now.

It’s December 27th, 2012.  You currently live in Saint Paul, MN, and work at GoKart Labs as a mobile developer.  It’s a good life and things are great, you’ve got a Camaro and a Honda Hawk.  It’s been a long time since you’ve been outside of North America.  At the moment you’re watching Dredd (2012).  It’s been a productive day, and you’ve cleared off all but two things on your to-do list, this being one of them.

ToDo list
Gotta stay organized!

I’m hoping by now you’ve visited at least 2 new countries, Italy and Australia would make good choices.

15 years – 2027

2027, you’re living in the future!!  Do you have a flying car yet?  That IS one of your life goals.  OK, fine, I’ll settle for a pilot’s license and a time share on a Cessna.  By now I’m hoping you have a house.  Three kids would be nice too, and one of them better be a boy!!

25 years – 2037

You’re officially double the age that you were when writing this.  Congrats!  You’ve made it another quarter century.  You’re probably living a rich and full life.  There should be a few more trips to Haiti under your belt as well.  Don’t forget about the people in the world who need help.  Sometimes it’s too easy to focus on yourself.

35 years – 2047

You probably don’t even have any hair left.  If you do, there isn’t much, just get rid of it.  The cue ball look is sexy you know.  Heck, you might even have grandkids by now.  Be more careful with the risks you take, if any at all.  There are people who depend on you, can’t let them down.


So, I guess this is where we’re left off until later.  Keep on doing living a good life, make sure to take care of those around you, and never stop having fun.

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