Life Hacks

While I enjoy hacking computer hardware and software, life hacks are also something that interest me.

Not this kind of life hacking

I recently had to get a key copied that has the dreaded “Do Not Duplicate” label engraved into the side.

Damn you key!

Obviously there is nothing that physically prevents this key from being copied, but an ACE Hardware employee has every right to refuse to copy it.  Call in the life hack!

To copy, or not to copy, that is the question.

I wrapped a tiny strip of duck-tape around my keys, and labelled them with a permanent marker, making it seem like I was just too cheap for key covers.  I brought in the key and the gentleman at the hardware store was none the wiser.  The best part is that the new key doesn’t have the “Do Not Duplicate” message on it, so if I need yet another copy, it’ll be even easier.

Other minor life hacks are fun to.  At the beginning of each year, hang your cloths in your closet with the hangers reversed.  When you wear each item, put the hanger back the normal direction.  At the end of the year, you will know what cloths you didn’t wear at all the whole year, and then you can donate those to a local charity.  If you lay your beers sideways in your fridge, you can use a heavy-duty paperclip to hold them in place (picture below).


What most consider “hacking”, I simply consider “thinking outside the box”.  I hope people find encouragement to explore their lives, and make things easier and more enjoyable, from getting keys copied, to preventing their beers from rolling around in the fridge.

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