Carb/Wrench Day #2

Today was a day full of fun.  I met Eddie, and spent plenty of time working on my Hawk.  And just like the first time, Andy (K-os) was a huge help.  It’s late, I’m running on 5 hours of sleep, and I’ve been up since 7 am, so I won’t be writing too much.  The day Started with a stop at Harbor Freight to pick up a 1,000 lb limit motorcycle lift, that itself weighed 360 lbs.  Threw that in the back of my pickup and headed north!  The day was spent wrenching, cleaning, attaching, and fixing.  I now have a speed-bleeder on my front brake, and my Mikuni pump has replaced my stock fuel pump.  One less electrical component to worry about :)  Finally got it running again today.  Sounds as good as ever